Nestled within nearly 500 acres of coastal beauty between the Gulf of Mexico, lush pine forests and a coastal dune lakes, WaterColor Inn provides an idyllic setting for the active and health-minded. At WaterColor Wellness, locals and visitors alike can have access to a premier gym experience and participate in a variety of fitness classes (both one-on-one or group) – all while enjoying state-of-the-art equipment and amenities in a beautiful environment.

We sat down with WaterColor Inn’s Fitness Manager, Kimberlee Greenough, to learn more about what WaterColor Wellness offers, as well as great tips on how to stay fit while on vacation.

SJH: What unique offerings does WaterColor Wellness provide to guests? 
KG: WaterColor Wellness has a full gym with free weights, machines, cardio equipment, a stretch/core room and locker room facilities, as well as a variety of healthy snack and drink options. We also offer one-on-one beach yoga, one-on-one personal training, fitness field days in Marina Park, seasonal classes like our Turkey Trot Training, and unique classes that cover everything from how to make healthy smoothies to how to properly weightlift. We will be continuing to add even more wonderful options for guests (and locals!) to enjoy, with their mind and body wellness in mind.  

SJH: What’s your favorite fitness routine or activity to practice while on vacation?
KG: I like to take in what the local area has to offer in terms of outdoor activities –  running, hiking, skiing, swimming, biking, walking or running on the beach or at state parks, etc. I enjoy most outdoor activities and always add strength training to my routine. I love to experience local fitness centers whenever I travel, too, to see what I can learn or take in.

SJH: What are some fun and easy ways to stay fit while on vacation in WaterColor/30A?
KG: WaterColor and 30A have so much to offer to stay active. There is yoga, golfing, snorkeling, beach volleyball, tennis, running groups, bike groups, paddle-boarding, swimming, water aerobics, Zumba, TRX classes, bootcamps, CrossFit, biking or running through the state parks… I could go on for days. This is a wonderful area to take in the outdoors!


WaterColor Wellness, located footsteps away from WaterColor Inn (20 Goldenrod Circle) in Santa Rosa Beach, is open daily to the public, from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m.; guests of WaterColor Inn enjoy 24/7 access. Daily rates and punch cards; annual and six-month membership options for individuals, couples and families; and group fitness classes are available. Click here to learn more about the various options and pricing, or call 850-534-5950.

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Details included in this story were accurate at time of publication but are subject to change based on seasonal schedules, amenity and/or operational updates. For the most current information, please visit the respective property’s website.